Habait Shel Ronit


"HaBait shel Ronit" (“Ronit’s Place”) (R.A.) is an association working to advance rehabilitation and improvement in the lives of high-functioning people with disabilities.

The association offers a variety of services: a social center for personal and social development; support of placement and independent employment; alternative independent living in the community; coaching and personal tutoring for people with special needs and support and guidance for their families.

Our members are high-functioning people with autism, neurodevelopmental disabilities, various syndromes, mental conditions and people who can be assisted by social and personal rehabilitation for any reason whatsoever.

Families find a space in the center for personal development, learning and social growth, that also provides systemic support towards a happier and healthier life for families and their children.

Social life and community belonging are the most significant aspects of human development and personal well-being. For people with special needs, facilitation, guidance, and structured social opportunities are required throughout life to socially engage with each other and the neurotypical community. To that end, the association established a matrix of services based on a unique work method, the only one of its kind in Israel.

The method is founded on an integrative-holistic approach that addresses all aspects of human living: personal – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual; inter-personal – relationships and communication with others; and social – connection with the larger human fabric and becoming part of a group, society and the wide world.


Integrating all these aspects provide a foundation for supporting processes of change and rehabilitation in the lives of special people. 

Our goals

Establish and operate an open-to-all center offering high-quality social gatherings for people with special needs.

A center specifically adjusted to suit people with special needs. This population is often socially isolated and lacks communication skills, and therefore needs a space that will provide safety and constancy in order to acquire social skills.

Imbue social proficiency and everyday skills

Through structured programs for personal and social development, supported by well thought-out classes on multi-disciplinary arts, cultural enhancement, music, expression through singing voice, dance and movement, fitness, cooking and baking, photography and film related professions, housekeeping and self-management, social groups and more.

Develop skills for independent living
  • Experiencing and practicing life skills
  • Everyday skills required for independent living
  • Training towards employment and productivity
  • Developing self-advocacy abilities and coping with difficulties and hurdles
  • Developing inter-communication skills
Raise neurotypical awareness of people with special needs
  • Initiation of mutual get-togethers for the two communities
  • Cooperation and joint projects
  • Leisure and cultural activities
  • Workplace training
  • Media interviews and reportages, lectures in educational institutes
  • A volunteering platform to enable acquaintance with this population
  • Training of professional teams


Social center

 social groups and a variety of classes and activities to teach skills and qualifications through various means of expressions. Social events and trips – both in Israel and abroad, enabling a wide spectrum of social interaction through social integration, mutual experiences and inter-relational partnerships. Our activity is solidly based on the integrative-holistic approach, by way of motivation and success. The social center is a home for a vibrant and lively  community and is the polestar in the lives of many special people.

Family support

we offer families support, consultation and guidance with respect to programs for their children, daily functioning, challenges vis-à-vis institutions, required treatments and information regarding the many ways to promote their children and contribute to the whole family’s wellbeing. This includes conversations, parent guidance, coaching and personal tutoring and assistance in exhausting their rights and in navigating the therapeutic and institutional systems outside the home.

Our work covers all paths of life, to help each special person reach their fullest potential and capabilities and enhance family satisfaction.

Community housing

to support independence and
self-development, we launched “living the dream” – apartments that
provide independent, high-quality life for tenants, with active professional support.


making a living through satisfying and meaningful work is crucial to the achievement of independence. Our employment project provides broad professional support for both special people and their employers, from tailor-made placements to integration in the workplace and continuous employment over time


Donations – Making a difference

To maintain regular social and communal life, people with special needs depend on an adapted support system that will both assist them in developing the required functions and skills and create the setting for them to socially engage.

Graduating from school at 21, they often find themselves isolated, on the margins of society, still at home with their parents – longing for social, cultural and employment opportunities, friendships and a satisfying independent life.

"HaBait Shel Ronit" (Ronit's Place) offers a safe space and a variety of social and cultural activities for people with special needs and provides various structured opportunities for personal and social development. Our unique model combines the development and nurturing of a vibrant social community with professional services such as seeking employment and housing solutions as well as overall guidance and counseling for families. This is a unique response to the needs of special people and their families.

We are a nonprofit organization and are not supported by any governmental agency. We believe that everybody deserves a chance and want our doors to be open to every person with special needs who seeks our services, regardless of their financial status.

Our donors are individuals, corporations and organizations. Donations are recognized for tax purposes under Section 46 of the Israeli Tax Ordinance.

Each donation is significant; each donation leads to positive change in somebody's life.

Join us in improving the lives of people with disabilities. It makes a difference.