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 Social Grants for People with Special Needs

In order to maintain regular social and communal life, people with special needs depend on an adapted support system that will provide guidance and assistance in the recovery of the required functions and skills. The educational system fulfills this role until they are 21 years of age, but upon graduation many of them find themselves at their parent’s home, with no structured communal life, friends or employment, often hopeless, lonely and removed from society.

"Habait Shel Ronit" (Ronit's Place) offers a meeting place and a variety of social and cultural activities for people with special needs and provides various structured opportunities for personal and social development. Our unique model combines the development and nurturing of an active social community with professional services such as seeking employment and housing solutions as well as overall guidance and counseling for families. This is a unique response for the needs of special people and their families.

We are a nonprofit organization, and are not supported by any governmental agency. We believe that everybody deserves a chance, and want our doors to be open to every person with special needs who seeks our services, regardless of financial ability. With this in mind, we established in 2011 a grant foundation that will raise money and subsidize the costs of participating in the social and cultural activities we offer.

Approx. ILS 400,000 were raised until today, to support some 40 underprivileged families whose children could benefit from improvement in their personal and social life as well as adults who are not financially supported by their families and cannot afford payment of the full cost.

Our donors are private people, corporations and organizations who want to take part in making a difference. Donations are recognized for tax purposes under Section 46 of the Israeli Tax Ordinance.

Each donation is significant; each leads to improvement in somebody's life.

Join us in making a difference, in creating change and bringing meaning and hope.

Please contact: Ronit +972-54-2092105
Address: 26 Vitkin St. Kfar Saba 44320 * Tel: +972 9 7442376 * Fax: +972 77 7040560

Donations may be deposited directly: “HaBait Shel Ronit”,
Bank Mizrachi-Tfachot (20), Branch #414, Account #527533