Self and social development groups

Our nucleus activity
The facilitators of the social groups are certified and creative professionals, experienced in working with special needs people]
We offer:

• a space for learning and implementing social strategies, feedback and reinforcement of appropriate social codes, ongoing and consistent guidance and facilitation, acknowledgment and processing of personal and group situuations, and teaching benign and normative social interactions
• Real time experience of social circumstances, through identifying the abilities and qualities of each member of the group
• A self-development quest, viewing each person as a whole
• Holistic-integrative facilitation, using a diverse palette of expressive tools such as art and exploration of a variety of materials, movement, music, game playing, expressive cards, psychodrama, playback theater and more.
The content is adapted to the personal process of the members of the group, pertaining, among other things, to:
• "Self as a whole" – identifying "self and I" beyond the disability
• "From weakness to power" – enhancing abilities and creating a personal vision
• "Facing the world" – self advocacy and sustainability
• "Me and You" – concepts, figuring out situations, establishing contact and understanding different types of relationships
• "Difference and belonging" – disability as a source of power, connection and acceptance of self and others
• "Tools and values" – patience, listening, respect and acceptance
• "The journey of emotions" – identifying and channeling feelings and cultivating the emotional language
• Social entrepreneurship and personal projects – enhancing self-expression abilities, establishing presence and improving self-image.

Classes, courses and workshops

• Art – creation focused on ecological thinking, acquaintance with a variety of materials and art schools, artistic work that is related to personal abilities and empowerment
• A journey through the space of music – an academic course on the psychology and sociology of music, through the connection between self and the universe
• The power of voice, the power of song – personal and group exploration through listening, playing and singing, both individually and in group
• "Kolit" – a professional choir, performing in events throughout the country
• Dancing – establishing social relationships through dance and movement experience, focusing on the eye-body-emotion matrix. Performances for the Center's community
• Fitness – personal and group workouts, interval practice, flexibility and stability
• Self-management and quality of life – preparation for independent life, combining theoretical and experimental study, focusing on healthy lifestyle, personal nurture and proper nutrition
• Drama and theatre – expansion of expressive abilities in voice, body and movement
• Creative research – construction workshop focusing on awareness, identifying and designing the immediate and personal surrounding
• Film-making – a magical and fascinating journey of making movies, hands-on experience of cinema.
• The Kitchen realm – cooking and kitchen skills, learning about products and essential nutrients, listening to our bodies: experimenting, conversing and joint work

Social events – multicultural social meetings

Social events are held once a month to create yet another wide and diverse social circle. Rich content related to our culture, connected to the land of Israel, to nature, creativity and beauty; resulting in happiness, enjoyment and fun.
• Singalong – social singing gatherings accompanied by live music, a stage for those who love to sing, with lyrics projected on a screen. Sheer musical enjoyment and social empowerment
• Dance party – the best in town! Professional D.J., live performances, drummers, folk dancing and refreshments
• Movie club – a social meeting at a "private cinema". Watching a selected movie, followed by discussion and conversation
• Tour Israel –
o Jeeps: trails accessible only to 4-wheel drive vehicles, wonderful experience of traveling, views, food and good company
o Day trips – visiting various sites in Israel. A social experience of historical, anthropological and ecological added value
• Travel the world – small groups accompanied by professional tour-guides, to explore the world and meet other communities. An unforgettable experience!
• Theatre, lectures, concerts – selected performances at the center and going out to theatre and concerts at reduced prices
• Tribal fire – group meeting around rituals, myths, singing and art focusing on selected topics, e.g. totem animals, seasons, stages in life etc.