About us

"HaBait shel Ronit" was established in 2007 by Ronit Chayun, mother of a daughter with special needs, with the goal of improving and repairing the painful reality of life with disabilities, which often involves a sentence of social isolation. In 2011, "HaBait shel Ronit" became a nonprofit organization.
"HaBait shel Ronit" is a social development center for people with special needs, and provides a social community center for young adults and adults who are diagnosed with complex learning disabilities, mild and borderline retardation, autism, PDD, communication problems. The center also serves highly functional mental health patients and people with other syndromes and disabilities, visual impairment, hearing impairment, and people who are in need of social rehabilitation as a result of road accidents, life crises, severe illness and so forth. Most of them live in social isolation and need professional help to assist them in the recovery of social and community life.
The center serves families seeking a space for personal development, learning and social growth for their children, as well as guidance and support of the journey to more joyous and healthy lives.
Social and community life are amongst the most important and significant aspects of human development, and personal well-being. for people with special needs – social development is out of reach in the absence of guidance, constant facilitation and the creation of a variety of social opportunities among themselves and with the normative community. Creating such opportunities, out of love and based on the belief that disability does not define a person and his overall abilities, enable these wonderful people to lead a healthier and happier life, thus improving not only their lives but those of the entire human community.
"HaBait shel Ronit" provides a unique response in Israel, as it operates within a holistic-integrative perception which extend tools and skills which enable special need people to connect and interact both with their inners selves and with other individuals.

Our goals

Establish and operate an open-to-all center for high quality social meetings for special needs people.

A social center that is adjusted to the needs of people with special needs. This population experiences social isolation resulting in the lack of communication skills, and therefore requires a safe, protected and steady place where they could learn social skills

• Imbue living and social skills

Through organized, structured programs for personal and social development, which are backed by orderly lesson plans, in the fields of: multi-disciplinary art, culture enhancement, music, personal expression through singing voice, dance and movement, fitness, cooking and baking, photography and film related professions, housekeeping and personal management, social groups and more.

• Develop abilities that are required for independent life in the community

o Experiencing and practicing life skills
o Everyday skills required for independent life
o Training towards employment and productivity
o Developing self-advocacy abilities and coping with difficulties and hurdles
o Developing inter-communication skills

• Raising awareness within normative society regarding people with special needs

o Initiating mutual get-togethers of both communities
o Co-operations and joint projects
o Leisure and culture activities
o Work place training
o Media interviews and new stories, lectures in educational institutes
o Forming a volunteering platform to enable acquaintance with this population
o Training professional teams